Kloop Studio is an award winning Product Design Agency located in Bellingham, WA -  on the foothills of the North Cascades, on the shores of Puget Sound. 

Our specialty is collaborating with companies and innovators to bring successful products to market through strategic product development and creative design. Our goal is to consistently deliver value to our clients through ingenuity, expertise and astute designs that are intrinsic to the core function of a product, tailored to meet the needs of the intended users and focused on building brand identities.

Our history includes working with a range of clients from ambitious Inventors to Fortune 500 companies on existing product lines as well new innovative and entrepreneurial ventures.  The creative process is our juice, and discovering unmet or unarticulated consumer needs gives us the fuel to deliver beautiful solutions.  For each new project we consider the many perspectives, the most effective road to market and the long term strategic considerations to maximize the value of an idea.

Our expertise includes Industrial Design, Product Design Strategy, Marketing, Market Research, Graphic Design and Mechanical Engineering.  Our network and partners can broaden this expertise to Human Factors, Manufacture Sourcing, Supply Chain and Intellectual Property.

Kloop Studio was founded by Product Designer Ken Hanna and Artist Amy Chaloupka.

What we've achieved

  • Over 50 International Utility and Design Patents
  • Major product design awards including iF and IDEA
  • Product Features on WSJ, Time, NBC, CNN, Innovation Magazine . . .
  • Curated more than 15 contemporary and solo Art and Design exhibitions
  • Essays featured in 4 Museum publications
  • Frequent Guest Lectures and Creative faciliatations