Broan - NuTone | Knock

Broan-Nutone, a market leader in door chimes sought a collaboration with Kloop Studio to design and develop their flagship Video Doorbell Camera product.

Working closely with the in-house marketing and engineering teams, we developed ideas to integrate the proposed technology and propose concepts to position the NuTone Knock as a product leader in doorbell cameras. 

No more wondering “Who’s there?” No more guessing if the children get home safely from school, or whether the mailman delivered your package. NuTone Knock lets you know when someone is at your door. The motion-sensing camera works day or night, so you never miss another visitor. You can even speak to anyone who rings the doorbell from anywhere in the world – with the convenience of your smart phone or tablet. 

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Images courtesy of Broan-NuTone.  
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