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A pioneer in the home immersion circulator sous vide market, Sansaire continues its collaboration with Kloop Studio to design and develop the next iteration of their flagship product, the Sansaire Delta.  Looking to improve on the highly successful V1, we set out to decrease the internal displacement, improve thermal efficiency, integrate the clamping feature into the overall design architecture, and present a forward facing wifi enabled interface to the user while capturing this all in an iconic stand alone design. Sounds easy, right?

Through extensive design iterations the result is the small and stylish Sansaire Delta, which makes perfect cooking even easier. The front-and-center interface transforms ordinary cookware into quiet, precise, and intelligent cooking devices while the companion app allows you to interact with the device, discover new recipes, or utilize the touch screen interface to set the temperature, time, and settings

Once again, Sansaire turned to Kickstarter to launch their latest Sous Vide machine and with a $100k goal, it was fully funded in less than 24hours!  If you haven’t already experienced the sumptuous results of sous vide cuisine,  here is your chance to jump on board with a proven industry leader! Learn more and participate in the Kickstarter campaign here and get ready for the most delicious home cooked meals of your life.

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Sansaire | Searing Accessory Kit

You've taken care to cook your meat perfectly on the inside, but it's not complete without a golden-brown crust on the outside. The ultra-high temperature of the blowtorch flame sears your food quickly, creating the delicious flavors that come from fire-roasting, but without jeopardizing the perfect doneness of sous vide cooking.

Following up on the enormous success of their Kickstarter launched Immersion circulator sous vide machine, Sansaire engaged with Kloop Studio to design the packaging for the Sansaire Searing Kit.  In our initial meetings we proposed design opportunities to further integrate the individual components of the accessory line. Among the ideas, we decided to pursue a new grill design that effortlessly mates with the drip pan and improves the searing and storing user experience while providing critical protection to your countertops! We then conceptualized box configurations receptive to the supply chain and partnered with the incredible in-house Sansaire team to develop graphics, iconography, content and imagery for the point of purchase package design and steak aging sauce. 

The final result is more than just fire in a bottle, the kit contains everything you need to sear like the pros!

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