Kohler | Exhale Showering

Exhale’s unique sprayface delivers a signature showering experience designed to calm your mind and invigorate your body. Inspired by the delicate petals of a dahlia, the design brings a gentle elegance to the shower. The silicone sprayface complements a variety of bathroom decors with its clean, soft appearance. Available in showerhead and handshower models, Exhale features up to four unique sprays: Full-Coverage, Drenching Rain, Intense Massage and Silk. 

Kohler | Moxie Music Showerhead

The Kohler Moxie is the first ever showerhead to incorporate an integral audio speaker that delivers sound directly through the water stream by pairing wirelessly to any Bluetooth enabled device. Three rings of finely tuned sprays deliver a full coverage shower from a single malleable silicon surface that breaks the paradigm of unsightly nozzles while maintaining the required properties for decalcification and cleanliness.

Moxie was an original idea developed for Kohler Company and born out of the confluence of social, technological and economic factors related to the showering product environment. Consumers had long expressed a near primal desire for music in the showering space, but that the existing solutions were either cost prohibitive or added additional clutter to already crowded environment.   The proliferation of Bluetooth technology through smartphones and other devices qualified a large consumer population as potential users at the same time as the technology itself became economically viable for stand-alone consumer products.  Together, these factors elicited a product opportunity to seamlessly integrate wireless music with a showerhead at a tremendous value proposition to the consumer. 

As part of the design process we thoroughly examined the interplay of sound and water to determine the correct fixture shape and location. The speaker is ideally placed within the center of the showerhead to minimize audio distortion and maximize the acoustical performance for the user.

The result is an innovative showerhead designed simply and purely to emphasize its unique ability to bring personalized sound to the showering experience.

Kohler | DTV+

The DTV+ Shower interface facilitates the ultimate showering experience with an interface that lets you customize your shower down to the finest details.  Through precision temperature, timing, individual shower component orchestration and programmed spa experiences based on internally developed hydrotherapies, DTV+ delivers unparalleled showering performance.

DTV+ is the output of an extensive product development effort dating back to 2010 and involved teams of designers, engineers and other resources both inside and outside of Kohler NPD.  Ken's involvement included the earliest concepts and breadboards for the design, UX, GUI and content of the DTV interface, much of whose architecture and components remain in the final product execution.  The final achievement of Spa Experiences is a direct output of an extensive effort lead to re-examine users showering procedures from the aspect of our daily schedules, physical expectations and emotional needs which was then orchestrated and vetted through Human Factors trials and studies.


Kohler | Mazz Kitchen Retail Faucet

With a high-arch spout and smooth lines, the Mazz pull-down faucet makes a striking design statement with its elegant, graceful form. The unique joystick valve offers a hint of luxury with smooth, full rotation for effortless temperature and volume control. Mazz includes a coordinating soap/lotion dispenser. Sweep™ spray creates a wide, forceful blade of water for superior cleaning. KOHLER's new docking system, DockNetik™, secures the pull-down sprayhead to the spout using magnetic force.

Kohler | Awaken Shower Collection - Series B + Series G

The Kohler Awaken Shower Collection – Series B + Series G are the first iterations in a series of showerhead and handshower designs offering premium showering experiences to the user at an affordable price point.

Symmetry, Rhythm and Beauty describe the purposeful patterns found in nature.  Our strategy was to harness these natural underlying principles and deliver water with a sense of intended order that is both considerate of and appropriate to the showering experience.

Integrated into each design level are highly refined spray experiences curated from key user showering needs.  Series B + Series G include: coverage and warmth for everyday showering, forceful rinsing for soap removal, and an intensely focused stream for both soothing aching muscles and cleaning the showering space. 

The accompanying product families extend to an array of complimentary showering products including slidebars, hoses and supplies.

Kohler | Loure Faucet Collection

This product line met a critical market need for Kohler providing classic, refined, modern geometry that is demanded by architects, designers and consumers.  Loure showcases Kohler’s first single control bath filler and introduced their new dry stem valve technology, UltraGlide™. The complete collection offers a design solution that provides a cleaner deck space, intuitive actuation and simplified installation for the plumber. A Rite Temp bath/shower trim fitting on a newly designed pressure balance valve with diverter actuation was designed to have an ergonomically correct push/pull mechanism for ease of use to the consumer.

Building a family of 18 products in a minimal aesthetic required a multitude of iterations and modifications of the form to meet the challenges of the internal mechanisms and waterways.  Unique opportunities presented themselves such as integrating flipside technology into a shower arm and developing a gracious sheetflow water delivery befitting the Kohler Brand.  The constant balance of forms manifested into a cohesive design family that result in a sleekly profiled faucet with enhanced utility for the consumer.

Kohler | Decorative Drains

Complementing the Kohler glass vessel collection and their larger product portfolio, a series of grid drains were designed.  A specific design was achieved to play off of the refracted patterns of light produced by the cast Antilia lavatory vessel.

Images courtesy of Kohler Company.  
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