American Orthodontics | Luno Forged Instruments

Orthodontic instruments should not only be reliable, but an extension of the expertise and quality treatment doctors give their patients. Luno instruments deliver dependable performance and a premium experience representative of the skills of an orthodontic practitioner. These beautiful, high-quality American-forged instruments are made with corrosion resistant steel, and tested beyond industry standards.

The Luno Forged Instrument line is the result of a collaborative relationship between American Orthodontics and Kloop Studio.  We utilized a pre-existing instrument design and created a signature brand identity with elements of material finish, ergonomic design and graphic design.  The result is a cohesive line of over 20 high quality cutters, benders and specialty pliers that are durable, sleek, and precise for whatever job is required. 


Images courtesy of American Orthodontics.  
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